Annotated Bibliography 2/21

My group was chosen to discuss religion and how that plays a part with immigration. One of the topics we came up with was, how did religious & cultural diversity play a key role in immigration, specifically focusing on Catholics and Christians. 

One of the first sources I found talked about how Christian immigrants are revitalizing our religious beliefs and are causing more benefit, then they are harm. The source was written from the view of a reverend, in which he talks about many different cultures (hispanics, asians, african americans) coming together to make our country more diverse and culturally enriched. I picked this source because it came from the view of a religious figure and someone who has written books on Christianity. What he is saying relates to what we are talking about because he is explaining his views on immigrants coming to America and finding places of worship in our churches. He speaks about how we should all come together as one and that immigration is a ‘gift’. He finished off his article by saying “Those who believe that religious vitality serves to strengthen communities and serve the common good should be leading the efforts to protect immigrants and enhance future opportunities for the foreign-born to be welcomed to America.” (Granberg-Michaelson).

The second source that I found, entitled “Religious Diversity in America” talks about different ways laws and amendments have made an impact and have made it easier to practice your religion in such a diverse country. It is explaining that the first amendment set many different religions up for success by allowing practices of all different types of religions. I chose this source because it gives a good explanation of why people chose to immigrate to America based on their religious beliefs. It relates to my topic in that it gives a good overview of not only what it is like to practice your religion in a country where it may not yet be accepted and tells of the many ways America made life easier for those trying to live a religion centered life. 

The final source that I found is titled “Roman Catholics and Immigration in the Nineteenth-Century America”. I chose this article because it talks about what caused so many Catholics to immigrate to America. The author says that rough times in history (such as the potato famine) took a tight knit group of catholics and jumbled them into a widespread group. It then moves into saying that America had a new ‘middle class’ of many jobs opening in American cities which drew Catholics from all over Europe to a free country like America. This source relates to my topic because it talks all about religion and cultural diversity. It explains what opportunities were available for immigrants (work and religious related) in America. 







  Works Cited 


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